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Young Adults

Mental health treatment in early adulthood in the Los Altos and Palo Alto school systems

What is adolescent mental health?

Hormonal and social changes strongly influence the emotional stability of teens from adolescence through their mid-twenties. Many times, parental intervention and personal sensitivities can mask mental health issues and addictive behaviors, until it becomes more obvious in college or while in the workforce. Dr. Kamis can help identify stressors during the emerging adulthood process to facilitate constructive therapies, healthy decision making, and positive life experiences.

It is easy to know when a teen has a cold or fever.  However, in teens, mental health symptoms may be more difficult to dissect and identify.  Anger, anxiety, nervousness, sadness, or any other sudden changes in your teenagers behavior can signify a problem.  At these times having a mental health professional who is aware of the stressors of the Bay Area can be instrumental in steering a patient towards a healthier outlook.

Some common mental health problems in adolescents and teenagers are:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Behavior disorders

  • ADHD

How does Dr. Kamis treat her adolescent patients?


Dr. Kamis believes in an integrated approach working with the individual and family, as well as  collaborating with other physicians, psychologists and school professionals of the patient while providing biological, psychological and social education. Diagnosis begins with a comprehensive diagnostic examination to evaluate the problem with a focus on its physical, genetic, developmental, emotional, cognitive, educational, family and social components. Once a diagnosis is developed, then a treatment plan is designed. The provider discusses recommendations with the patient and family prior to treatment.

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