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Sports Psychiatry

Performance Optimization in the Bay Area

High level athletes train grueling hours each day to excel at their sport, but what does it take to be an elite athlete with high level performance? Having a mental edge on your opponents.  Many sports in a way are like “physical chess”, requiring split second decisions coupled with demanding mental agility. Athletes must develop exceptionally strong physical and emotional strengths, coupled with unwavering determination. In addition, successful elite athletes must learn to hone their emotions and any aggressive traits into a productive energy. As a sports psychiatrist, Dr. Kamis aids athletes in their ability to control and funnel these emotions that ultimately determines the athletes success and optimal performance in competition.


In addition to focusing on performance enhancement, whether it be on the field or in the workplace, sports psychiatrists like Dr. Kamis focus on the mental health and underlying mental illnesses in athletes.  Some psychiatric illnesses may have been present prior to the person becoming an athlete or predisposed genetically, for example athletes experiencing depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or bipolar disorder. In addition, Dr. Kamis works with high level performers who want to optimize their sleep, jet lag, mood fluctuations, as well as increased levels of stress and anxiety through psychotherapy as well as medication management when appropriate.

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