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Executive Board Member of the Social Action Leadership Committee for IsraAID

February 2018- Present

IsraAID is a non-profit humanitarian organization that supports and sends health workers abroad to help those in need during natural disasters.  This role involves engaging the young professionals of the Bay area through various events and outreach programs in order to build an action oriented community.  Dr. Kamis traveled to Mexico for 2 weeks in July 2018 with IsraAID and worked with populations who experienced post-earthquake trauma, helping to incorporate self-care, mindfulness, and meditation into the educational system.

Board Member of the International Society of Sports Psychiatry

May 2016 - Present

Dr. Kamis is currently a board member of the ISSP and takes part in the monthly meetings, helping to direct and guide the scientific sessions that are held. Additionally, she is an editor and co-author of a new book in support of the ISSP called The International Society of Sport Psychiatry Manual of Sport Psychiatry: Sport by Sport.

Stanford Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Support Group Leader

September 2017- Present

WISE is a Stanford sponsored mentoring program for women PhD students and postdoctoral scholars in science and engineering (WISE). These groups meet weekly for 90 minutes while Dr. Kamis facilitates.  The discussion topics that are selected from the concerns of the female members. Some of the issues the groups have addressed that are crucial for women in their life development include negotiating with advisors, peer interactions in the lab, balancing work and personal life, career choices, the job search process, when and whether to have children, as well as what it takes to succeed in academia.

Jewish Leadership Coach for OneTable

June 2017 - February 2019

Shabbat coaches are mentors that have the potential to empower Shabbat hosts to develop an enduring Friday night dinner practice. Dr. Kamis teaches hosts how to create welcoming experiences for their guests, how incorporate Jewish traditions into their lives, and how to build community. Her role is vital in creating a stronger community, where all members can feel equipped to lead and contribute.

ENGAJ (Engaging the Next Generation of Adult Jews) Fellow

October 2016 - October 2017

Dr. Kamis was chosen as a leader and role-model to help bring together young Jewish adults in the Silicon Valley. As a fellow she met monthly with a cohort, interacted with peers with 1:1 interviews, and designed events that reflected their their interests over the 12-month period.

Bridge Clinic Translator/Patient Coordinator, USF Morsani Center

September 2011 - 2013

As a fluent Spanish speaker, Dr. Kamis volunteered as a medical translator in this student-run clinic for the underprivileged population in the Tampa area. She was able to work one on one with doctors, and learned how to treat patients while translating and directly communicating with them. In addition, she was selected to become part of the staff at the bridge clinic as a patient coordinator where she worked with the patients and organized their check-ins and scheduling.

Vice President of Psychiatry Interest Group

April 2012 – 2015

Dr. Kamis organized a symposium on gender differences in schizophrenia. Dr. De Erausquin, her mentor and professor, spoke about gender differences in schizophrenia and the implications of dimorphic brain changes in patients with schizophrenia for diagnosis and treatment of disease. She received a $500 grant from USF women’s health and had 40 attendees.

Student Leader of Gender and Med Scholarly Concentration

October 2012 - 2015

This elective allows medical students to engage in a comprehensive experience of educational, research and community activities with the goal of achieving competency in Gender –Specific Medicine.

Captain of Varsity Fencing Team

September 2009- May 2010


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