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Empathetic and Compassionate Bay Area Psychotherapy

As a psychotherapist in downtown Los Altos, Dr. Danielle Kamis is committed to helping patients achieve and expand their understanding of daily well-being and personal goals. She will help you take appropriate steps to regain control of your mood, emotions, relationships, career, and your life. As a highly trained clinical psychiatrist, Dr. Kamis practices multiple psychotherapy modalities, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy, as well as simultaneously being able to evaluate for the need of medication treatment (or psychopharmacology) if desired. 


In her therapy work, she will explore the connection of the mind and human behavior, and utilize therapy to help you achieve your goals for happier living. Therapy is about examining the ‘why’ behind the choices that you are making. One’s perspective is our reality. To change our reality we must change our perspective. Regular weekly sessions, combined with ongoing effort and work by you, will enable this change to take place. Empowered with a new perspective, you can choose differently – ensuring your choices create the life you truly want.


Dr. Kamis additionally practices adolescent therapy and adult therapy in a comfortable and discreet setting. Her patients are generally successful in their personal and professional lives, but are individuals seeking improved coping skills, support with challenging behavioral or psychological barriers, or seeking a greater sense of ease and happiness.


Whether you desire short-term counseling or ongoing support, she will work with you to make treatment choices that fit your lifestyle, highlight your personal strengths, and respect your goals. She is dedicated to helping you become the best “you” that you can be.

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