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One-of-a-kind connections with patients, providing psychiatric care for young adults to elderly.

Emily R.

I met Dr. Kamis when I was a visiting student dealing with significant personal loss, displacement, depression, and anxiety. She was able to see me regularly over the course of almost a year and provided insightful guidance throughout our time together. We explored several approaches to mental wellness ranging from talk therapy to a more activity-based cognitive behavioral therapy. She is incredibly genuine, bright, and committed to her patients. Most importantly, and seemingly obvious for a therapist (but rarely truly found) is her ability to listen - Dr. Kamis is an excellent, present, thoughtful listener. Her therapy style is consistent and calm, which made me feel very heard and supported. I found our time together immensely helpful. I recommend Dr. Kamis very highly.

Casey M.

Dr. Kamis worked as my psychiatrist during an outpatient mental health program and was amazing. She was attentive and focused on my wellbeing, but also personable and made me feel comfortable sharing things with her. I have been to plenty of psychiatrists who only focus on the medication, meeting with me for 15 minutes once every month and barely bothering to learn my name. Dr. Kamis is different. She wants to get to know you to fully understand what you need and work with you to find the right medications for you and your lifestyle. Most importantly, she goes above and beyond in her duties as a psychiatrist. After I left the mental health program I began working with a different outpatient psychiatrist. At one point I ran out of medications and my psychiatrist wasn't returning my calls, so I called Dr. Kamis and she dropped everything to call my pharmacy and get my medications taken care of! Despite not even being under her care anymore, she took the time to help me when I really needed it. I can't thank her enough!

Elias W.

There is not one person I have met that has not felt safe and seen by Dr. Kamis. It is the ever present, generous, genuine, and joyful demeanor of Dr. Kamis that provides a truly safe environment for growth. I am grateful to have gotten to learn and work with Dr. Kamis and I can truly say that my self confidence and belief that I have something unique to share in this world has grown immensely by knowing Dr. Kamis.

Ava L.

I can honestly say that Dr. Kamis has hugely changed my life for the better. She is an extremely patient and detail-oriented psychiatrist and I was always so incredibly impressed by her memory of things I had told her. She was a steadying influence on many difficult days, and I felt like she was really committed to my wellness and recovery as a whole person and not just from several symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

Corey K.

I have known Dr. Kamis as a fellow physician for the past five years and as a research based MD, PhD I highly recommend Dr. Kamis' approach to psychiatric treatment.

Dr. Kamis is a multi-faceted individual with a strong research background, publishing over 9 papers in global health research and schizophrenia.  She additionally has published a manual of sports psychiatry, the first of its kind.  Dr. Kamis is at the cutting edge of sports psychiatry and sits on the board of the international society for sports psychiatry.

If you are looking for a psychiatrist with a sound knowledge in evidence based treatments for mental health coupled with an experienced cognitive behavioral therapist, Dr. Kamis is the psychiatrist for you.

Jennifer A.

I have collaborated with Dr. Kamis since 2015 and she remains a top choice as a referral source for people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, sleep problems, or issues in women's mental health and sports psychiatry.

Dr. Kamis is an extremely warm-hearted, kind, down-to-earth, intelligent physician who connects with her clients.

Additionally, Dr. Kamis uses a "lifestyle" approach to her integrated treatment plans, focusing on behavioral changes, sleep optimization, and healthy diet as well as medication management when necessary.

If I had to refer a family member who was suffering with increased levels of stress, poor sleep, mood changes, anxiety, or an athlete who wants that extra edge, I would recommend they work with Dr. Kamis.

Michael M.

I have worked with Dr. Kamis for many years and I believe she remains a top choice for those seeking psychiatric assistance. She specializes in psychotherapy and sports psychiatry and has had excellent training among the finest physicians in these various fields.

She is exceptionally caring, empathetic, and superbly professional always exuding a warm, persona which puts her patients at ease while building a mutually common bond of understanding and friendship.

She has a unique ability to bond with each patient carefully crafting her treatment to the patient specific needs.

I highly recommend her for all who seek the best in the most up-to-date psychiatric treatment and a very personal, nurturing professional relationship.

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