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Global Health

Dr. Kamis is devoted to working in global health and has dedicated almost a decade of her life to becoming fluent in Spanish.  Since her first year of medical school, through multiple grant awards and volunteer work, she has spent extensive periods of time abroad, learning how to integrate cross-cultural experiences and diverse backgrounds in the field of medicine.   She has spent time in many Spanish-speaking countries, such as Argentina where she lived for over 8 months working in mental health hospitals and conducting research with an Andean population. 


She has published many scientific journal articles in the study of schizophrenia as well as receiving multiple grants from Stanford’s Center for Innovation and Global Health for her research in Argentina. Additionally, she has worked with humanitarian organizations such as IsraAID to help with psychiatry disaster relief.  Dr. Kamis finds her global health work very inspiring and looks forward to continuing to enhance and expand her humanitarian commitment. 

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