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Meditation and Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness in the Hustle of the Peninsula

Do you find yourself rushing to arrive to work on time, running to pick up the children, and even rushing home to relax with friends or family?  Now think about that for a minute, “rushing home to relax?”.

During the day many of us are moving so quickly, at times physically, but almost always mentally. Our neurons are firing in hyper-speed with so many things to get done and so much to focus on, that many times we miss what is right in front of us.


Mindfulness is our ability to be completely present. When we are mindful, we can be calmer, more accepting, and more present in our relationships. Mindfulness is a kind of non-reactive awareness that allows us to be more open and more compassionate, in touch with our inner selves and purpose.

Even though every human being has this capacity, we rarely cultivate it. The result is that we become so distracted and preoccupied with thoughts about the future and past that we start to become stressed as well as inefficient. We so often operate on “automatic pilot” that we do not appreciate the joy, meaning, and simplicity that is available in the present moment.


There are large amounts of research that show how engaging with mindfulness can help us heal our stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, chronic pain, as well as optimize our performance at work or in athletics.  There is even evidence that it can help us nurture a healthier and more resilient brain. Through the mindfulness based practices in which Dr. Kamis specializes she will help you open up to joy, love, self-compassion and a greater sense of connection with yourself and others.

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